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Children & Newborns

Special care for premature babies, newborns and children

Children are not little adults. The treatment of children and youth is an area for specialists. The same applies for medical aids. Children are in a natural growth and development phase. This requires a permanent adjustment of the therapy approach and the aids used. Thanks to many years of experience in pediatric care, Orbisana Healthcare GmbH develops and produces technical medical aids of the highest quality, which are perfectly tailored to the needs of our little patients.

With newborns, Orbisana Healthcare GmbH also combines therapeutic expertise and modern medical technology with a personal approach and thereby contributes to achieving individual therapy goals. Newborns in particular are a large group in pediatric care and require a high degree of expertise in various areas (e.g. monitoring, enteral and parenteral nutrition, oxygen, as well as invasive and non-invasive ventilation).

Orbisana Healthcare GmbH provides all necessary aids, helps in the search for alternatives, supports the selection of appropriate products, explains their application, and trains you in how to use them. In addition, specialized care professionals provide assistance using all the aids that the little patients require.

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