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Orbisana Healthcare GmbH - HomeCare and Medical Technology

The Orbisana Healthcare GmbH is a leading manufacturer of medical products and technical medical aids, as well as a leading complete home care provider in Germany.

Key Points

  • Manufacturer of medical technology – specialist for tracheal cannulae and ventilation technology
  • Nationwide, organized, specialist sales in the national home-care market for the care of patients with aids on behalf of health insurance companies
  • Direct sales of technical medical products (B2B) in Germany and internationally
  • Growth strategy and development of the organization through targeted acquisitions of medical technology manufacturers and home care providers with qualified customer structure
  • Headquarters in Troisdorf near Cologne and Schwerin



In the home-care business area, the core expertise of our company, which was founded in 1949, lies in the transfer of intensive patients with various, sometimes complicated needs in the areas of respiratory therapy & ventilation, tracheotomies and laryngectomies, enteral and parenteral nutrition, incontinence care, wound care, stoma care as well as in child and newborn care. Highly-qualified care professionals ensure the provision of medical aids and patient well-being throughout Germany.

Medical Technology

In the medical-technology business area, our experience with patient care and our close cooperation with physicians and patient associations is reflected in the development of our high-quality technical medical products. With our personalized and innovative product solutions, we ensure sustained improvement of patients’ well-being and quality of life.

With Orbisana Healthcare GmbH, you opt for a responsible healthcare provider that offers complete patient care from a single source – with quality and service plus! Our Orbisana Healthcare care professionals are always on site, always nearby, and will provide you with expert advice.
The majority shareholder of the Orbisana Healthcare GmbH has been the Droege Group since 1999.

About the Droege Group

The Droege Group (founded in 1988) is an independent consulting and investing company that is completely family owned. The company is a specialist in tailored transformation programs with the goal of increasing corporate value. The Droege Group combines its family-company structure and financial strength in a family-equity business model. The Group carries out direct investments with equity in subsidiaries and medium-sized companies in “special situations.” With the guiding principle of “implementation by any trick in the book,” the group is one of the pioneers of implementation-oriented business development. The Droege Group proves its expertise in implementation every day with its own portfolio. The Droege Group’s corporate platforms are aligned with current major trends (knowledge, connectivity, prevention, demographics, shopping 4.0, future work). The company’s development is shaped by a passion for quality, innovation, and speed. In this way, the Droege Group has positioned itself successfully on the market and operates in 30 countries with its corporate platforms.

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