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Our History

Our History

Orbisana Healthcare GmbH – The Ventilation and Respiration Therapy Specialist

Orbisana Healthcare GmbH is the leading manufacturer for ventilation, laryngectomy and respiratory therapy devices. At Orbisana Healthcare GmbH we combine cutting-edge technology and innovation with our first-rate expertise. All our products are developed in close collaboration with patients and physicians and are certified in accordance with the European Medical Device Directive. At Orbisana Healthcare GmbH, quality means state-of-the-art and resistant design, combined with a reliability and functionality perfectly attuned to the needs of patients.

Orbisana Healthcare GmbH

Was founded back in 1949 and is specialized in tracheotomy, laryngectomy and ventilation-related technology. As inventors of the first electronic speech aid in 1958, Orbisana Healthcare GmbH enjoys a reputation as one of the industry‘s leading manufacturers ever since. The SERVOX brand is associated worldwide with pioneering products of the highest quality.

HOFFRICHTER – Servona Respiratory Care

Since its acquisition by Servona GmbH in 2014, Hoffrichter GmbH is part of the Orbisana Healthcare GmbH. Our subsidiary offers high quality respiration therapy and ventilation devices. We show a clear focus on therapy reliability, patient safety and ease of use – all hallmarks of Hoffrichter GmbH since 1992. All Hoffrichter systems can be used with minimal instruction, quickly and easily due to their simple and self-explanatory operation procedures. The devices are also extremely versatile by offering a wide range of ventilation modes, and can be adapted to suit the patient’s needs. Whether intended for domestic or clinical use, Hoffrichter ventilation devices offer the highest quality – „Made in Germany“.

Global Network

Operating at a global level, Orbisana Healthcare GmbH cooperates with many established companies in the fields of ventilation, respiratory therapy, tracheotomy and laryngectomy as well as incontinence care. Our high-quality medical devices, particularly those from our well-known brands HOFFRICHTER, SERVOX, SERVOCURA and SERVOVENT are exported all around the world from our German headquarters in Troisdorf and Hoffrichter premises in Schwerin.

Important Milestones


  • Servona GmbH becomes Orbisana Healthcare GmbH


  • Certification according to DIN-EN ISO 13485:2016
  • Relaunch of SERVOX® digital XL (speech aid)


  • Market launch of SERVOVENT tube extension, SERVOVENT tubing systems
  • Market launch of HOFFRICHTER LAVI 30/40


  • Market launch of SERVOX tracheo nose neo P, SERVOX tracheo tape M


  • Market launch of SERVOX HME comfort module


  • Acquisition: Nicolai-Vitalressort
  • Acquisition: Hoffrichter
  • Market launch of Servoport 3000 carrying case, SERVOX cleaning brush TEP, SERVOX rota tube duo, SERVOX aspiration catheter 72, SERVOX tracheo tape neo, SERVOX tracheo nose neo O2 adpater, Servoflex nutrition delivery system ENLock, SERVOX HME comfort skin module, TRENDvent home ventilation device, Carat pro home ventilation device, Cirri mask system


  • Market launch of SERVOX tracheo tape soft plus with hook, SERVOX separating wedge RW 15, Servoflex transfer system for enteral nutrition


  • Acquisition: Zieger, Dortmund
  • Market launch of SERVOX rota tube, SERVOX tracheo tape, SERVOX cleaning brush, SERVOS place holder following Wollenberg, ADEVA-/ESKA-Herrmann – larynx-products, SERVOX neo tracheal compress, SERVOX stoma-prep/stoma-AdEx


  • Market launch of SERVOX tracheal compress – new version, SERVOX base plate sensitive, SERVOX tracheo nose F, SERVOX elasto tube, SERVOX seal pad, SERVOX a-traumatic aspiration catheter, SERVOX HME module, SERVOX 22/15 adapter, SERVOX neo tracheo pad, SERVOX soft tube connect


  • Market launch of Servoclean (disinfectant solution for cannulae), SERVOCURA incontinence care, Servona aspiration catheter, SERVOX tracheo pad, SERVOX base plate, SERVOX soft tube 22, Hoffrichter Carat plus


  • Market launch of Servona silver cannulae, Servotube silicone cannulae, PEG band set, stretch plaster, Servoport 3000 m & s, Servokids – artificial nose for neonates


  • Servox GmbH becomes Servona (01 September 2008)
  • Market launch of Servosan nutrition solutions, Servosan enteral, Servoflex transfer system


  • SERVOX AG becomes Servox GmbH
  • Market launch of Servona short silicone cannulae, Servoplast PU cannulae, Servomex – artificial nose for adults


  • Merger of Vitalmed and SERVOX AG
  • Expansion of care to rehabilitation aids
  • Market launch of SERVOX eco (with battery operation) and Mediport 3000 mobile


  • Complete care for laryngectomy and tracheotomy patients
  • Market launch of Servodrop MS – damp-warm inhalation device


  • Acquisition: Sanitätshaus Keuchen, renamed as Vitalmed
  • Certification according to DIN-EN ISO 9001 & DIN-EN ISO 13485
  • Expansion of home care with home ventilation
  • Expansion of home care for children and newborns
  • Market launch of Passy Muir speech valve and Alphasan (enteral nutrition solution)


  • Acquisition of the company Vitalmed
  • Market launch of SERVOX digital
  • Move to Troisdorf


  • Change of name to Servox AG
  • Start of internal training of sales representatives
  • Start of nationwide supply in the home-care area
  • Expansion of home care to tracheotomy patients in need of care
  • Market launch of Mediport 2000 classic and mobile


  • Expansion of home care to include enteral nutrition, wound care, and incontinence


  • Companies merge into SMT Servox Medizintechnik


  • Dr. Kuhn and Co. acquires Hassheider
  • Expansion of care to tracheotomy and laryngectomy patients


  • Intonation is added to the SERVOX speech aid
  • Market launch: SERVOX inton speech aid


  • International sales of SERVOX speech aids


  • Market launch: SERVOX speech aid


  • Dr. Kuhn merges with Madaus


  • Kuhn and Co.: Development of speech aid


  • Foundation of Dr. Kuhn and Co.

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