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Strategy & Values

Success with the MORE approach

On the Way to being a Leader in the international HomeCare Market

As a medium-sized company, we secure our growth targets and our future viability through the successfully tested MORE transformation principle developed by the Droege Group.

M for Maintain

The strategic approach summed up as Maintain means securing the existing transaction-oriented business model. Orbisana Healthcare GmbH annually supervises more than 300,000 provisions in the home-care area and is a provider of medical devices. The fulfillment of the necessary quality and ISO standards for this is of primary importance. The aspiration formulated by management here is that Orbisana Healthcare GmbH orient itself on pharmaceutical standards and be one of the leading groups in home care and medical products.

O for Optimize

Our daily goal is to optimize the value-creating process in our group of companies. A central focus is currently on the implementation of a digitization strategy internally, as well as for external customers and business partners. In our ongoing business, we optimize our business operations within the framework of profit-improvement programs (PIP), process-optimization programs (POP), as well as a sales-force excellence programs (SFE).

R for Reinvent

In developed markets, it is crucial to adapt to the challenges of the future. With this in mind, we have formulated a clear commitment to provide the best possible advice and care. That is why we consistently invest in research and product development We also work actively on the development of new care concepts in order to best serve the needs of our patients and their relatives.  

E for Enhance

Alongside organic growth, in the past few years Orbisana Healthcare GmbH participated actively in the consolidation of the German home-care market. In addition to Nicolei Vitalressort, the companies Zieger and Hoffrichter joined the Orbisana Healthcare GmbH of companies. We thereby not only strengthen our nation-wide presence with our complete-supplier approach, but also actively expand our expertise as a manufacturer. Besides national expansion, Orbisana Healthcare GmbH will also pro-actively expand internationally.

Our Development Path has been shaped by a canonical Set of Values since our Foundation

Thinking in Terms of Generations

As a family company, we don’t just think about quarterly figures; we pursue long-term goals with “staying power.” We think of business development in terms of generations and want to ensure the endurance and growth of the Orbisana Healthcare GmbH in the long term through continuity in corporate management.


Innovation is the driving force behind our business development. We constantly expand our expertise in implementation with new ideas.

Customer Orientation

We think of ourselves as a partner that aims to optimally understand customer needs and implement tailored solutions. People are always the central focus of our approach.


A passion for quality is a key differentiating factor in our work. We demand 110% quality inside and outside the company. We rely on “doers” – on people who convince us with their skills and inspire us with their enthusiasm.


Trust and the highest standards of integrity are benchmarks in our interactions with partners, customers, and competitors. We promise only what we can deliver and stick to our promises and agreements. Our motto is quality and reputation before growth. The guiding ideal of an “honest businessperson” shapes our attitude and our actions.


The Servona Group has been a family-owned home-care and medical-technology company for over 60 years. This independence gives us the freedom to determine our own business actions and pursue long-term goals. Independence is our guarantee for trust and continuity.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We are entrepreneurs out of conviction and passion. We embody “corporate entrepreneurship.” We emphasize entrepreneurial thinking and action and support individual initiative and responsibility in relation to our employees as well.


We accept social responsibility and engage with developing countries as much as with our main location in Troisdorf, Germany.

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